Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Life as the Wife of a Cowboy...

Sometimes, this is how my day looks...

Actually, this is more of a glimpse into how my husband's day looks.

Our horses are being transitioned to our pastures now that the snow has all melted. So, they get to be "out to pasture" for a certain amount of time everyday.

(that handsome paint in the front? that's our Samson)

It's pretty clear they love it.

(I love it, too, because they are RIGHT in front of our house now)

But then this guy shows up and "pressures" them to get back to the barn.

(this one decided to enjoy the last few seconds of grass time)

Run, horseys, RUN!

One more turn and they're home for the night...

Poor things.

Until tomorrow.  ;)


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