Monday, April 14, 2014

Baby Girl Hair Bow Holder

I've seen these around Pinterest for a while now, but never actually looked at a tutorial.

Instead, I just set about making one my own way.

I'm sure there are ways to make these a little more, um... resilient (?) but this will work for me.

I definitely encourage you to check out how others made theirs.

BUT, if quick and easy is the way you want to go, here's what I did:

Gathered some material, ribbon, and a spray painted embroidery ring.

Laid it out.

Tightened it up (and tightened the material and ribbon as I tightened the ring).

Trimmed it.

And, stuck on my bows!
(Shameless plug - I am OBSESSED with Ruby & Sue's bows for the little miss. I mean, do they come cuter than this?! Check her out!)

I just found two smaller rings in my closet that now I have to paint and do this to... I mean, I do have more bows after all...


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