Friday, March 9, 2012

Project 52-10

Little Miss on the left, Little Mister on the right. (2 year difference)

We had some friends over on Tuesday night (my birthday!) for dinner. The wife was my college roommate and the husband is one of my husband's best friends. They have 2 kids and she's pregnant again. We have 2 kids. One of the topics we covered that night was, "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!"

We all still feel like "we were just in college" but in reality we graduated 5 years ago or more! We weren't just in college! We just had babies!

It's amazing how time flies.

Our son is getting so close to being ready to potty train. He's just not there yet. So, we had the opportunity to compare his and her diapers. I can't believe the size difference! When I got my first newborn diapers for the Little Miss, I was shocked at how small they were... and we still had to fold down the front because they were too big at first.

Well, she's been here for almost a month and since I'm with her every day I don't really notice the change, but I can tell it's almost time to switch to size 1's.

How does this happen?

I don't want to miss a minute. I want to remember it all. That's why I take photos... it's just too bad the photos won't smell like her sweet little head. Yum.  :)


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  1. In less than three months, I will exit the phase of having any children in the single digits, age-wise. How in the world did THAT happen, when I feel as if I just graduated from college not long ago?! :^)


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