Friday, January 20, 2012

52-3 Change is...

This week I have a happy picture to go along with some crummy circumstances. It's really been quite the week. There have been many ups and downs. I thought of all these different photos I could have taken but decided to put a cute one up anyway... simply because in the midst of all of the changes that happened this week, this photo represents a good one.

To briefly fill you in, we started the week being informed that 3 of our pastors are no longer going to be pastoring our church. This, and the circumstances surrounding it, is heartbreaking and a huge blow to our congregation. Our church, through some other events, has recently gone from having 6 pastors down to the 1. Crazy change.

Then, the Packers didn't earn their spot in the playoffs. Really? Who was that team that was playing on Sunday? It certainly wasn't last year's champs! I know this is a silly one, but losing out on the dream of back-to-back Superbowl championships is a big mindset change for some folks living up here in Packer Nation.

Two of our immediate family members were informed this week that they are being laid off from their jobs. Talk about a change...

Winter finally showed up in WI. We have been hovering around the 40's pretty consistently all winter so far and right now it's -3 out and like -15 with the wind chill and we have about 6-8 inches of snow on the ground with 3-5 more coming today!

And, now... finally the explanation of the photo I chose for this week. With the Little Mister, I was very proud to be the mama who had our son sleeping in his own crib in his own room from the 2nd night we were home. I loved that he adjusted so well and that we were comfortable having him in his own bed. I was given this Moses basket but never really used it because of the fact that he never needed it!

Well, this time around, since the Little Mister still gets up pretty frequently with night terrors and we're moving across the country shortly after she's born, we are planning on having the Little Miss stay in the Moses basket. I'm planning on making some new bedding for it, too. I had to get over the pride of having a child sleep in their own room and accept the fact that I am no less of a mom just because my baby is going to be nearby at night. (Not to say this plan can't change after she's here)  ;)

*Disclaimer: this is not to cast judgement on ANYONE who keeps their baby in the bedroom with the parents at night. I'm merely confessing that I had a pride issue that, due to my circumstances, is being knocked out of me. I am a firm believer in people doing what they feel is best for them and their own children and if sleeping in the same room works for you, go to it! The hubby and I are really light sleepers and every noise the Little Mister made woke us up.

Love and hugs to you all,

If you wanna know where my motivation to do a Project 52 came from or to see others who are doing a Project 52, head on over to the Styleberry blog to see more!


  1. Such an adorable picture. Your son is so cute! I found you from Shawna's Project 52 page. My Project 52 post this week is about how motherhood is "mouthy." Let me know if you want to link up for this year's project!

  2. Sorry I can't help you much on Shawna's page but I did add you to this week's post! Can't wait to see what you post Friday!


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