Monday, June 13, 2011

long week

Well, our long, crappy week is over. Thankfully. It's been a hard one.

I told myself that yesterday would be the start of a better week and so far it has been.

We went to church and the lil' cowpoke did great in the nursery. The sermon was just exactly what I needed to hear, thanks Pastor Paul! We had lunch with one of our favorite families: the Storby's. And dinner with my core 4... which led to some much needed girl time.  :)

Today was the L.C.'s 18 month check up. He's doing great. Everything is as it should be and he's even reached the 45th percentile in one category! He's getting so big!

We headed out to the barn after that since Mary is out of town and the horses need some looking after.

Cooper loves to be out there.

I love the hands behind his back when talking to his daddy  :)

Might be my favorite picture.

Or this one

My whole life is on that horse.

And, I should specify that we had a good weekend last weekend. My sweet baby sister finally graduated from high school. I'm so proud of her and the woman she is.

Way to go, Pheeny!


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