Saturday, May 7, 2011

summertime best friend

I just found my new best friend for summer... Yard Sale Treasure Map (.com)  You can fully expect me to be utilizing this little gem this summer.

We are especially looking for a slide for the cowpoke in the back yard and some size 5 little man shoes for the summer. He currently does not fit into any of his shoes (ok, we have one pair that fits but they don't have soles!) and are in desperate need of some. The only ones I've found in stores are like $20 or more and I'm NOT paying that much for little man shoes. Nope, I'm not.

We are one week away from the marathon and I am very excited to regain my Saturday mornings from the clutches of my long training runs. All in all, I am glad I'm doing this now and will be able to say in a little over a week that I am a marathon completer, BUT I want my life back. I want to be able to see my husband on the weekends. I want to let my son nap in the afternoon without feeling like I need to squeeze in a run. And, I want to hit up these garage sales before all the goodies are picked through.  :)


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