H2O Replacements

I absolutely LOVED my time with H2O at Home. Unfortunately, they decided to pull out of the US.

This is where I'll be listing my replacements for their products.

Dish Soap

One of my favorite H2O products was the dish soap. It took me a few tries to find a replacement but I've found one!

It's dye free and fragrance free. It's not too thick and a little goes a LOOOONG way.

Not to mention... you can get this 6 pack for around $20 on Amazon. 

Click HERE to see the EWG report.

Just click the picture or the link above to see the current pricing!

(One of the brands I tried is Puracy and I was NOT a fan)

*some of these are affiliate links and if you purchase from them, I will get a small credit. Thanks!!!

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