Best Hiking Gear!

 Hiking gear does not have to be expensive to be great!

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Trail Runners

If you have wide feet, these are a must have! I love my Topos so much. They are supportive and have awesome grips on the bottom. (They are worth every penny)

Check them out! 


Don't you hate it when you get a little pebble in your shoe?! Me, too. That's why you need gaiters! The Topo Gaiters are specifically made to attach to Topo shoes and are adjustable. I even wear mine walking around our neighborhood since our street isn't paved. They're awesome!


Absolutely a must have for snow, ice, and even mud. These ones are amazing because they are less than $20 and stretch to fit your shoe. I wear a size 8 in women's trail runners and I use a size medium. They also come in a great little carrying bag. 

Sun Screen

I don't wear sun screen enough. To be honest, I hate how greasy it is and the gross smell. But, then I found this! It's super easy to apply, goes on light and works great! I'll never hike without it!

Cooling Towels

These things are AMAZING. Just a little bit of water and they will cool you right down. They are awesomely long so they can be dropped over your head and wrapped around your neck for maximum cooling. Check them out!

I wanted a light weight, easy selfie stick tripod for use when I solo hike. This one is great! It comes with a rechargeable remote and everything. Works with both Apple and Android. 

As our family has grown and our adventures have required more travel, we have found the need to put our luggage outside the SUV so our kids have some leg room (they get their looooong legs from my side of the family). This one is PERFECT. Comes with a step to make loading it a breeze.

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