About Me

Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by my tiny bit of space in the blog world.

This is where I share our life with our friends and family who are not around to see the day-to-day. Sometimes I share my mind, recipes, tips, etc, too. Hopefully when you leave here, you feel better for having dropped by!

I'm the wife of a great man, typically referred to as Hubby. (He's also a fantastic cowboy!)

We live in a tiny mountain town high up in the Rockies and love it!

I'm the mom of the Little Mister. He lights up our life and keeps us on our toes!
Our Little Miss fit perfectly into our family when she showed up in early 2012. She's been making us smile ever since. Her battle with epilepsy is a huge part of our family's story.
The Little Ma'am is our latest addition. She might be the sweetest kid in the world.

As far as pets go, we have a spunky horse named Samson and a large trusty one named Zirnis. Two dogs keep our tiny apartment full of energy. Bailey joined our family as a rescue dog. We also ended up with a dog named Cutter when his family was getting rid of him (at only 4 months old!). We just couldn't let that happen, so he's ours now. I have to mention our sweet Cooper. He's the first dog I could ever truly call "mine," and he was the best first dog anyone could've ever asked for.

I LOVE to take photos. Life happens so quickly. Photos are a great way to freeze time for a moment... so you'll never forget them exactly as they are right NOW!  I specialize in natural light photography and prefer to capture your family playing and laughing together, but I will take the posed shots, too.

Hope you like what you see here!
Thanks for dropping by!