Thursday, July 7, 2022

Bathroom Makeover

 Our little homestead is a fixer upper for sure. 

One of the first projects I knew I wanted to tackle was my bathroom.

I use it every day and it just stressed me out. Ha

Here are the befores:

Here are the afters!

It's amazing what a can of paint can do!

The very first thing we did was raise the shower curtain. I spray painted the mirror and cabinet handles. Painted nearly everything. And, added some shelves and hooks. Tada!

I got these shelves off Amazon:

This hanging shelf came from Amazon:

Shower Curtain (also amazon, lol)

There are still some projects to do. Eventually, we will replace the counter and sink, the lights, the fan and all the trim. But, for now, I'm so happy with the improvements that 2 days work made!