Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sundays are for Setting up your Week


One thing I’ve done to set myself up for success is to take some time on Sundays to get prepared for the upcoming week. 

Here’s what I do:

1. Outline the upcoming week in my planner. I use inkWELL press* because it’s just. so. pretty. And functional! 

2. During this time, I also make a meal plan based on our plans for the week. This allows me to know which mornings I’m going to need to take a few extra minutes to prep the slow cooker. 

3. Then, I look through the cupboards and fridge to see if we need anything and place a pickup order for the next day. LOVE that grocery stores do this now. GAME CHANGER.

4. I fill up my pill organizer because if I don’t *let’s be honest* I will not take the time to gather my pills in the morning. I put my Monday pills in a little cup with a lid to take to work the next morning because I have one pill that needs to be taken 1 hour before the others. This way, I have NO excuse to take my meds/supplements. I’ve noticed a major difference when I slack on taking these things. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR - TAKE YOUR MEDS. 

5. One way I’ve simplified but beautified our home is to fill it with plants. I have chosen to surround us with succulents because they need the least amount of care. I can get by with only watering them weekly and Sunday is that day!

6. Then, it’s ME-TIME. Sundays are the days I redo my nails (that silver jar* there). My nails are weak and brittle and they actually hurt if they are bare so I found a dip powder that doesn’t require a UV light and for $26, I get about 6 months of manicures. No time at the salon for me! Love it. (The manicures can actually last up to two weeks but I love having a fresh mani each week)

7. We attend church on Friday nights so we can take Sundays to be well-rested for the upcoming week. So, I make sure to do a devo or listen to a sermon at some point on Sundays just to revive my heart before the week starts. 

8. Right after the kids are in bed, I prep my breakfast and lunch for the next day so that I can sleep as long as possible in the morning. I found great little reusable bento boxes at the store and both myself and my husband have found them to be great when meal prepping!

9. And, the best way to end the day well (and what I do every night, not just Sundays) is to close the kitchen at a certain time and use my trusty H2O chiffonnettes* to do one last wipe down of the counters and handles. Who doesn’t like waking up to a clean kitchen?! Then, once I’m done getting ready for bed, I do the same thing in the bathroom. Again, who doesn’t like waking up to a clean bathroom?!

I can see how you might think this is a lot. But, truthfully, each of these things don’t take very long and the satisfaction that comes from setting myself up for a win makes it all worth it!

Tell me, what works for you? How do you set yourself up for a successful week?

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