Monday, February 18, 2019

On the end of 2018

2018 rapidly came to a close.

So much so that I wrote this post and forgot about it until now... in February.
*palm smacks forehead*

Here are some thoughts on that...

2018 brought me so much that I never expected. I found myself in situations that I never thought would happen. Found myself doing things I had never imagined I'd do. Some things have made me incredibly proud; some have caused losses I never imagined.

We've moved our family to the city.

I have yet to make a friend.

I find my heart aching with loneliness but fearful of letting anyone in.

But Jesus,...

He has been such a sweet place of respite for me.

Gently reminding me of the truth.

I am forgiven.
I am loved.
I am of great worth.
I am accepted as the mess I am.

Feeling as if nothing is promised has led me to cling to the One who, despite knowing every thought/feeling, has no plans to leave. he has no plans to bring me shame. He desires for me to be whole and healthy and is willing to walk that path to wholeness with me. He is not ashamed to walk along side me. He is not afraid that I will taint His reputation. He is not afraid of my mess.

I wish I was being metaphorical when I talk about the accusers coming at me with their stones,

and yet, He comes... hand out to cup my cheek, staring into my weary eyes, and says, "sweet woman..."

He loves me so.

Now, the question is...
Will I be brave enough to say the things He's asking me to say?

When my critics and accusers come, will I back down?

This post is a first step.

Here's to new beginnings.

And, here's to those who join us and support us on the journey...