Saturday, February 18, 2017

Simple Saturdays: Sunday Reset

A lot of simplifying my life has come down to setting myself up for success.

One way I do this is by having a few key things I do on Sunday nights.
I call it my Sunday Reset.

Basically it's a way to make sure I get these certain things done at least once a week.

I know Sunday is the Sabbath and I totally respect that. I do more of my "resting" on Saturdays. There are plenty of times when I end up doing this "reset" on a Monday because our Sunday was so great! (And, because my kids have Mondays off school.)
If you are uncomfortable doing this on a Sunday, pick a day that works for you and your family to do your "reset."

Some things you could do on Sunday to set up for a great week:
  • meal plan for the following week
  • read one chapter out of a specific book
  • water the plants
  • have the house tidy and clutter-free
  • put at least one good memory from the week in a "jar of joys"
  • vacuum    *I vacuum daily, but I like to make sure my week STARTS as dog hair-free as possible*
  • clean the coffee makers/diffusers
  • write a new memory verse on kitchen chalkboard
  • double-check calendar for main events to mentally prepare for the week
  • empty all garbages
  • ANYTHING else that helps you feel prepared
Doing these things on a weekly basis has been GREAT for me. 

I have a spot in my planner where I write the big ones to make sure that I get them done. 

Once again, you are getting a glimpse into the AMAZINGNESS that is inkWELL Press. 

Find what works for you and DO IT!

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