Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My "Crunchy" Confession

This post may take a bit of a "crunchy" turn, but it is what it is.

(oh, and if you're a skeptic, that's ok.... this is just my experience!)

It was nearly 8 years ago that my sister-in-law first introduced me to essential oils.

I was happy (but hesitant) to learn about them because I was soon to have a baby and wanted something other than potent meds with crazy side effects to fall back on when we needed help for our health.

We use oils for practically EVERYTHING now but there are a couple that I use every. single. day.

The rollers I am constantly refilling are my sleep roller, my RLS roller and the roller I use on my face.

First up, my face roller. I was blessed to never get bad acne as a teen. However, instead, I get "blessed" with a few gnarly blemishes on a consistent basis as an adult. Since I started rolling a little bit of a blend of lavender, frankincense, and melaleuca onto my palm and mixing it with my face cream, I haven't had any issues with blemishes!

Next, my sleep roller: aka, my saving grace. Since having kids, I have become a very light sleeper. It also takes me a long time to fall asleep. I apply this sleep roller to my kids' feet as well as to my feet and wrists at night. While it doesn't make us fall asleep noticably faster, it does make me sleep noticeably harder - which means I wake up feeling better and more rested - which means my home is a much more peaceful and happy place in the morning.

And, lastly, my RLS roller. I'm not going to lie. I was kind of a jerk about Restless Leg Syndrome when my mom first started complaining about it. (sorry mom!) And then, my third baby gave me this *sweet* gift while I was pregnant with her. Along with the surprise stretch marks she gave me TWO DAYS before I delivered, the RLS hasn't gone away. Anyone who has it can tell you that it is nearly unbearable. Even if my husband gently grazes my leg, I freak out. This roller blend has been a LIFESAVER. It stops the tickle feeling almost immediately. But, it works best if I use it before the sensation starts. This one is a blend of lemongrass, marjoram (one of my favorites!), peppermint and coconut oil.

We use oils for MANY other things. They have helped me control my migraines, our allergies, digestive issues, keeping us well during flu season, making our laundry smell awesome without nasty chemicals, etc.

And, here's a fun tip - lemon oil makes it SUPER easy to remove stickers your kids happen to put, well, anywhere.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

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