Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dark Days

The dark days.



Lack of joy.



There's no real reason for them.

Yet, they linger.

My children are beautiful.
My husband is faithful and kind.

Yet, they linger.

I have people who love me, bosses who take care of us, a church family that supports us, family members that are loyal.

Yet, they linger.

I feel like we take one step forward, two steps back.
We stand up, and get tackled.
We make progress and get stopped.

I fear hope.
I resent dreams.
I expect disappointment.

I have moments of "happy" that are preceded and followed by pain.

My body hurts.
I'm so tired.

These are my dark days.

I'm looking forward to the light.


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  2. Kelley, thanks for writing this. Honest and real. My heart can definitely relate to this. Love you. - Beth


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