Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cooper Duke 2007-2015

I'm not going to go into details because it's still pretty raw, but our pal, Cooper Duke, didn't end up making the trip to MT with us. He had some health complications during our trip to WI for the holidays that proved too much for him to heal from. Cooper was born about 6 months before our wedding. He was my roommate before we were married while John was still living on campus. Then, after our wedding, he kept me feeling safe and sound while John worked nights. He spoiled us. He was the best first dog two people could ever ask for. He was sweet and loyal and so so gentle with our babies. All he ever wanted was to be included. I never knew how difficult it is lose a pet. Saying goodbye to him was so much harder than I could've imagined. I loved that dog. What a pal.

RIP, old pal.


  1. What a great looking dog! Sorry for your loss!

  2. I remember you talking about how safe he made you feel in GB when John was gone. He is beautiful! I'm not 100% sure on the theology of pets, but I remember asking Bradley Caffee about this several years ago when our old cat died and I was wondering what to tell the girls. He said one of his seminary professors summed it up this way: If we'll need our pets there to eternally happy, they will be. That has brought me much peace in having lost another kitty since then. If they are not there, we won't notice because we'll be at peace anyway...but in my gut, I believe they'll be there since they are the Lord's creation and they did not sin. (((hugs)))


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