Monday, August 11, 2014

So,... this is happening...


One of the things my husband and I disagreed on in the early negotiations of our marriage.

He was all for it.

My thought was, "Why would I homeschool? I survived public school. Our kids can, too!"
(Seriously, though, the thought totally intimidated me!)

But, this boy.

Oh, this boy.

He's so smart. And, he LOVES to learn.

We feel like he's ready to be challenged more than can be provided right now in a classroom setting.
Not to mention how far we live from school right now.
And, the fact that his newest little sister is going to show up in about 2 1/2 weeks. 

Yes, my motives are (kinda) selfish.

No, I don't want to have to drive into town 3 days a week with a 2 year old and a newborn this winter to pick the Little Mister up.
No, I don't want the morning battles we had last year when he needed to get up for preschool but was sleeping soundly.


Mostly, I want to see him be challenged and learn at grow at a pace that is best for him,... not dependent on what is best for all the kids in his class.
I want to spend that time influencing him.
I want to have a Bible lesson included in his studies.
I want the chance for his dad to be involved, too.
I want his little sister to get the benefit of watching him learn.
I want to be the one who gets to see how excited he is to learn new things.
I want the chance to plan field trips and other activities with the other homeschool families here.

This really has nothing to do with the school.
We honestly love the teachers he'd have this year and he really loved going to school last year.

It would be good to send him back to school,...
   ... but we feel that this is best.

So, today we started this journey and honestly, it was awesome.
We finished a lot sooner than I thought we would and he was asking for more.
I had a doctor's appt to get to so we couldn't do more today but I love the flexibility that this will give us. Most days we will be able to do what he wants/needs. He was so excited.

I think the biggest challenges are going to be mine: patience, preparation, etc.
But, I'm excited to see how we both grow through it.

I've also felt a little bit like he has been overshadowed by the Little Miss's health issues. This is going to be quality and focused one-on-one time just for him. I'm excited to see how we bond through it.

Wish us luck!
I plan to post updates and things I learn along the way.



  1. Homeschooling is the best!
    I was homeschool up until moving overseas (where I now attend a Christian high school), and loved having flexibility, being able to learn in the environments/styles that worked for me, and be able to still be actively involved with my younger sisters' baby/toddler development and later preschool. I was able to volunteer in our community since my school day was flexible and develop some of my passions (music, psychology, etc.).
    Blessings on your homeschooling adventure!

    1. Thank you! We're excited to be able to shape our days into what is going to impact our kids the most! Thanks for your encouraging words!


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