Friday, April 4, 2014

Face Lift

Well, the bloggy blog got a facelift.

I hope to make it more fancy in the future, but for now a new name will have to do.

I'm learning about grace. Giving it and accepting it.

Lots of it.

Kids requires grace all day long. Because I have kids, I require grace all day long. Seeing it practically like this every single day reminds me how often God's grace comes in handy.

Oh, He's so good to us.

And, even as I try new things (which is a scary thing for me) I need to give myself grace when they don't turn out as I hoped. Craft fails, recipe fails, even laundry fails,... it happens. More than I care to admit. I need to show myself grace and try, try again.

So, this is our grace filled journey of imperfection.

Hope you like it.

ps: if you happen to have my blog bookmarked, you're gonna want to update it to

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