Monday, April 14, 2014

Baby Girl Bed head - Installment 4

This new twist on a "side part" is what we woke up to on April 2nd. 

Check out that volume!


Baby Girl Hair Bow Holder

I've seen these around Pinterest for a while now, but never actually looked at a tutorial.

Instead, I just set about making one my own way.

I'm sure there are ways to make these a little more, um... resilient (?) but this will work for me.

I definitely encourage you to check out how others made theirs.

BUT, if quick and easy is the way you want to go, here's what I did:

Gathered some material, ribbon, and a spray painted embroidery ring.

Laid it out.

Tightened it up (and tightened the material and ribbon as I tightened the ring).

Trimmed it.

And, stuck on my bows!
(Shameless plug - I am OBSESSED with Ruby & Sue's bows for the little miss. I mean, do they come cuter than this?! Check her out!)

I just found two smaller rings in my closet that now I have to paint and do this to... I mean, I do have more bows after all...


Monday, April 7, 2014

Baby Girl Bed Head - Installment 3

These lovely shots are courtesy of the Little Miss's crazy hair on the morning of March 28th.

I'm dying.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Face Lift

Well, the bloggy blog got a facelift.

I hope to make it more fancy in the future, but for now a new name will have to do.

I'm learning about grace. Giving it and accepting it.

Lots of it.

Kids requires grace all day long. Because I have kids, I require grace all day long. Seeing it practically like this every single day reminds me how often God's grace comes in handy.

Oh, He's so good to us.

And, even as I try new things (which is a scary thing for me) I need to give myself grace when they don't turn out as I hoped. Craft fails, recipe fails, even laundry fails,... it happens. More than I care to admit. I need to show myself grace and try, try again.

So, this is our grace filled journey of imperfection.

Hope you like it.

ps: if you happen to have my blog bookmarked, you're gonna want to update it to