Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas Snippets...

Well, even though we're already into late January (!!!) I thought I might post some of the highlights of our Christmas break.

Most blogs are all about Valentine's day. With moving, and traveling, and neurology appointments, we've been a little busy. So, here's a recap of our trip home....

Here's what we thought was going to happen:
-Drop off a horse in Denver
-Take the trailer back to WI
-Celebrate the holiday with our families
-Head up to GB to do some support raising
-See my bestie's new baby boy
-Trailer a cabinet my hubby and FIL made together back to CO

Here's what really happened:
-Drop off a horse in Denver
-Have our transmission die just over the border into IA
-Leave the Suburban and trailer in IA while we rent a car to get to WI
-Celebrate the holidays with our family
-Hang out with my dad who was trying to recover from surgery
-Witness the peaceful passing of my hubby's grandfather
-Hang out with my hubby's family who came for the funeral
-Attend the funeral
-Postpone leaving because of the record breaking cold and vehicles that wouldn't start
-Rent a vehicle to get back to our repaired Suburban
-Return back to CO without the cabinet

I mean, really.

It didn't go at all how we had hoped.

But, we still had some good times.

We, of course, ate well...

A little post-birthday celebration

We ALWAYS love Papa's pancakes

And Nana's coffeecake
We got to play in the snow a bit...

We even tried making gingerbread houses (from scratch - no store bought kit for us! This is something I always wanted to do)...

We celebrated the life of sweet Grandpa Great...

And, I enjoyed some time with my sweet Grandpa...

And then came the presents...
and the frenzy that gift opening with kiddos is...

I love having the cousins together. 

One of the best parts was the Little Mister building something special for his daddy and me with Papa Eddy...

And, hey, we even wound up with a great new photo of the two of us! (Thanks, Wizbang Photography!)

Eventually, we made it back here...
...where our days are filled with snow, sun, mountains, kiddos making messes, me cleaning up those messes, trying to get a house settled, making neurology appointments and trying to enjoy the chaos that is life with littles. 

We cannot express enough gratitude to those of you who helped get our Suburban up and running again. I'm so grateful that the transmission went out while we were all together (as opposed to when the kids and I were by ourselves going to get groceries an hour and a half away with no cell reception). 

It was a rough situation, but God took care of us through it... He always has.

Thanks for being a part of this journey...

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  1. Don't feel bad taking so long to get this post up - I'm so glad you did! Better late than never, at least that's what my mom always says...anyways, also want to say that I LOVE how you have pictures with you IN them! Way to go. So many moms forget to make sure they get in some of the shots. :-) Love you, Kel!


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