Friday, December 13, 2013

The Little Mister turns 4!!!

Well, I had intentions of doing LOTS of blogging this December. BUT, we were told we were moving and have been a little busy and distracted... 

But, I'm taking a break from all of that this morning. My cousin is having her baby boy today so I though it was appropriate to celebrate one of our family's other December birthdays.

Our Little Mister has turned 4.

I can't stand it. 

How is time flying by so very quickly?

The Little Mister at swimming lessons.
This boy is obsessed with all things having to do with trucks, trains, hunting, and his daddy. He loves playing with his sister (sometimes he loves her a little too rough) and helping me bake. He is sweet and funny and a little challenging. ;)

Here he is in the Birthday crown!

And, a little throwback to last year... (it's amazing the change that happens in one year!)

We had the kids' favorite dinner with just the 4 of us, some cake and ice cream, one present and a card from his Great-Grandpa Don!

Thank you, Amazon Lightning Deals with Free Shipping  ;)
The Little Mister loves Planes.

The Little Miss decided to dress up in my scarf and hat at the end of the night. 
Can't wait to see picts of my new first cousin once removed (right?)!!!

A little side note: John had read the card out loud to the Little Mister and it wasn't until a few days later that I picked it up and read it myself... and got a little emotional when I realized this is the first card anyone in our family has received that didn't have my grandmother's handwriting in it. She was so precious and had the most beautiful handwriting and I'm so so grateful that my grandpa hasn't missed a beat in letting us all know how loved and prayed for we are. They are truly a couple to have as role models.