Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cheap, Quick and Easy DIY Thanksgiving Banner

My home needed a little something.

We live 2 1/2 hours from the nearest Target.

I'm pretty sure I'm about 4 hours from a Hobby Lobby... although I can't even tell you where one is located.

I couldn't just run out to find something new to add to my holiday decor. And, I have two little tornadoes that keep me plenty busy!

So, I can testify that this is super QUICK and EASY... it makes a great last minute project to add a little pop to your decor. 

Everything I used I previously had on hand.

Here you go:

Start by picking what you want it to say. I was torn between "give thanks" and "happy thanksgiving" - but since I've been striving to focus on what good is happening in our lives without wondering how all of our circumstances are going to work out, I settled on "give thanks." 

I'm choosing to praise the Lord in the midst of the unknown.

Anyway, then head to and print out the letters you need.
I printed mine onto card stock and cut them out while sitting next to the tub as my kids bathed.
Multitasker. ;)

Then, I grabbed these paints that I had bought for another project.

I painted the letters while watching this during nap time (even though they weren't actually sleeping)...

Again, multitasking. ;)

Let 'em dry...

and hang em' up. (I used tiny clothespins and twine)

It's really that simple. (I put gold glitter on the yellow letters to give it a lil' something extra)  ;)


Hope you enjoyed this! 
What's your favorite piece of holiday decor? (homemade or store bought)


  1. Love this! Over two hours from Target...? I thought I lived in the country!

  2. Beautiful banner! I love the glittery letters and tiny clothespins.
    I live about an hour and a half from Target, but I do have JoAnn fabrics, which gets dangerous sometimes :)

    1. Oh, I wish! We're still 2 1/2 hours from JoAnn's too... We went to Co Springs this weekend and I was totally overwhelmed by all the stores and restaurants! Thankful we don't have too much Christmas shopping to do!


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