Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The kids and I are still trying to kick some pretty nasty head colds, so while I would've preferred to head to Ouray to swim in the hot springs and check out the fall color change in the different valleys, we settled for a day at the house.

It began with the Hubster making Martha Stewart's Pumpkin Pancakes. (Seriously, yum!) I made them for the kiddos about a week ago and the Little Mister is hooked. He asks for them almost everyday now.

Hubby and Little Mister started stocking us up on wood (the primary way we heat our house in the fall/winter/spring). We should have quite the stockpile by now, but fall seems to be busier than we thought it would be. The Little Mister really likes putting on his 'working gloves' and helping daddy with outside chores.

The kids sure like to play with our wagon, even though it's really hard to pull on the gravel (and really LOUD).

The Little Miss and I went for a walk up to the top of our neighborhood to see the colors across the way. The reds are starting to pop.

Coop enjoyed the sunshine, too.

We even saw the area helicopter circling. Sure hope it was just a test flight.

So, that was our big, exciting Saturday!
What did you do this weekend?

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