Sunday, January 27, 2013


The New Year brings new mercies along with it.

We get to start over.
Start new.
Have a clean slate.

That's why I'm redesigning (and redirecting) this blog.

2012 was so eventful for us.

It brought us a daughter, a cross-country move, new jobs and roles, new friends, and many new challenges.

These are all welcome things.

However, I'm so glad 2013 is here and I get to start new.
I'm excited to (try to) keep this blog more up to date.
I'm excited to be healthier.
I'm excited to be settled in a little and get to know more of this beautiful part of the country.

I'm truly excited for the new friendships we've found out here and how I think they will mold us more so into the people God desires for us to be.

How I really feel is…

           bring it on, 2013.


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