Monday, November 19, 2012

Project 52:46 Change is....

Well, we are still loving being in this new place. And, as promised, PICTURES!

We're getting settled still. There are still some pictures to hang (specifically in our bedroom and in the Little Mister's room) but it's starting to feel like home...
Living Room

Master bathroom

Master Bedroom (The Little Mister wanted a picture)

The Little Miss' Room

The Little Mister's room

Kitchen/Dining Room


Spare Room/Play Room in Basement
 We also have a kitchenette and a laundry room/mudroom and another bathroom in the basement. This house is amazing and we are so grateful to our awesome landlords for letting us live there!

The Little Miss and I were finally able to take her 9 MONTH PICTURES!!! I can't believe how fast this time is going... She was so distracted during the shoot. She's so busy and just wants to move constantly! She brings so much joy to us!!!


This is part of my Project 52. To see more, head to the Styleberry Blog.


  1. Everything looks so beautiful. You've done such a great job with it already. I can see why you are so happy there! I am happy, too, that you're in that beautiful home :)
    love you and can't wait to see you...Evie is so beautiful. LOVE the pic of Jake - I'm glad he's so photogenic!!
    love, mom

  2. Kelley!! Your place looks AWESOME! You've done a beautiful job decorating it. It looks so welcoming and homey.
    I love the ribbon tied around the pumpkin too. (You know me, I catch all the details! ;) ) I'm so glad you and your
    family are in a nice clean home now. What a blessing that is!
    The pictures of Evie are darling too. She's beautiful. She looks so much like you when you were a baby, I can't
    get over it.
    Looking forward to seeing you all in person soon! Love you all.


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