Monday, November 12, 2012

Project 52:45 Change is...

So, I actually don't have pictures for you yet.

We're moved...
   not yet settled.

I will post picts when I get to take them.

Promise.  ;)

For now, we're LOVING being here and being in this home. It is comfortable and has so many awesome things about it that I never even thought of. LOVE!

And, our Little Miss is CRAWLING!!! Not almost crawling... legitimately crawling!
Help me...
I'm not ready!

Just stay little!

But, geez, it's cute.

And, she's 9 months old TODAY!
So old.

I'll have those picts soon, too... just haven't had time to take them yet.


This is part of my Project 52. To see more, head over to The Styleberry Blog

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