Saturday, November 3, 2012

Project 52:43 & 44 Change is...

This post is about a week late, but for good reason.

We were able to move a week early!

Don’t get me wrong… we are so grateful to God for providing housing for us here so that we could be here for a good amount of the busy summer season. But, we are so grateful to God that the house we were in was just temporary housing and that He had something so much better in store.

I don’t mean to complain, so I’ll just show some picts of the old place.

Top row (from left): under the bathroom sink, not finished or well insulated (one of the places the mice liked to enter; “insulation;” mysterious stains on the floor.

Middle row: Moldy, dirty windowsills (all of them were like this); our bedroom; a piece of the floor in our bedroom that John screwed down because when we lifted it up, it opened to the outside!

Bottom row: our landlord’s broken down truck sitting in our yard; our bedroom closet floor – also the home to the water heater and the favorite entrance spot of our little mouse friends; the bathroom that was built onto the rock (and the bathroom that leaked muddy water when it rained).

Just imagine the pictures I didn’t show you!

Needless to say, this place was not a safe home for our kids, nor would it suffice for the winter months here in the mountains. It is more of a cabin than a home.

We were praying that God would provide us some place safe and warm for our kiddos for the winter and His answer has SO MUCH MORE than exceeded our hopes. Our new landlord is so sweet and kind and willing to work with us to make all of our hopes a reality, but the thing is, this place is so great that I don’t want to change a thing!

It’s also just the simple things like having a dishwasher that actually gets the dishes clean (I really didn’t mind hand-washing them but I like to know that I can really sanitize things in the dishwasher) but our new one actually dries the dishes, too. And, it’s so quiet! I ran the old one when we left because it was so loud! AND, one of the best things: our old range took about a half hour to boil water and even then, it never got to a rolling boil. Five.Minutes.Tops. with our new one. Amazing. Tea has never tasted so good! Our old oven took over an hour and a half to preheat to 350 degrees. Now, it takes less than 10 minutes. Our old dryer made a loud screeching noise every rotation that was just metal on metal. This one is nice and quiet and actually dries clothes! I’m overwhelmed. Don’t take stuff like this for granted, friends. It’s a big deal to have good appliances. I feel so spoiled.

The really interesting thing to me is that there are things I always made do without that God has blessed us with in this new home. I’m choosing to believe that those are God’s sweet little love notes to me. Things I never even thought of. All the houses that weren’t available. All the time I was frustrated at the places that were falling through. All of that was so that God could spoil me.

Oh me of little faith.

I wish we could buy this place  ;)


This is part of my Project 52. To see more, head over to TheStyleberry Blog.

Instead of boring you with pictures of moving boxes and all of our stuff scattered chaotically around a beautiful home, I’ll save picts of the new place for next week when we are more settled.

For now, I’ll show you picts from trick or treating. That is part of the exhaustion… not only are we settling a new place, but we have to do all the normal life stuff, too: buy groceries, make food, do dishes and laundry, do to church and bible studies… all good stuff, but lots to do!

My mom gave me the beautiful homemade costumes my brother and I wore as kids. I have an astronaut costume, a clown, snow white, a pirate costume, and some other things we could piece together. I had the Little Mister try them all one. What did our very particular and PICKY 2 year old want to wear?

My graduation hat and cords. 

That’s it.

So, he was a graduate.

The principal of the school here in town got a kick out of it. 

The Little Miss wore a pumpkin hat made by my very talented mother-in-law. She was adorable!
Oh, and we are so close to crawling, I can’t believe she isn’t doing it yet!

Come back next week to see picts of our new place!

This is part of my Project 52. To see more, head over to TheStyleberry Blog

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