Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Evie's Dedication

During the week that my mom's whole side of the family was in WI celebrating my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, we dedicated our Little Miss to the Lord. We desire to see her grow into a woman who loves the Lord, is kind and a servant, and brings God glory. Our goal is to raise her to be the woman God wants her to be. So, when better to make this public statement than at the anniversary celebration of the people who helped to guide us into the relationships with have with the Lord today?

It was a beautiful afternoon and we were surrounded by many of our family members who also lifted our Little Miss up in prayer.

Our Little Miss with us and both of her sets of Grandparents

Great-Grandpa Don and Great-Grandma Mary Ellen

Papa Scott and Nonni

Papa Eddy and Nana

Mama and Daddy

The whole Staff Family

My Uncle David who did the dedications.
Uncle David really looked into what it means to give a blessing to a child and had us all hold her while we prayed for her. It was so sweet to be so intentional in blessing her. I feel so grateful for family members who desire to do this for our children.

What a great day!

(not to mention, I'm super grateful for my awesome sister (Lizz of Wizbang Photography) who took these great photos for us)

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