Saturday, September 29, 2012

Project 52:39 Change is...

My family was here this weekend. It was great to see them and to have them see where we live. 

I get the feeling they don’t love it here as much as we do.
After all, we live in a dirty, dusty, little mountain town.
We love it, but it’s a big change from the city.

Either way, it was great to see them. 

My grandparents are so special to us.
They have supported us as a couple from day one. They pour into us and love us. It was great to see them.

And, then there is my mom.

She and I are able to just “be” in a way that we can’t with most people.
We laugh at the same silly things.
We sympathize with each other.
We “get” each other. 

And, the way she loves my kids... it's amazing.

Man, I miss her.

Rainbow over Lake City.


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