Friday, June 22, 2012

Project 52:24 & 25... Oops

So, the last two weeks have been JAM PACKED for us... and it's been wonderful! We had a wedding and birthday parties and lots of family fun. There have been sunburns from swimming and lots of great food.

I love this.

However, that just means I hadn't had time to edit photos or post them. So, here are two Project 52's.
Sorry for the delay.

The guys took on a project at my in-laws that, because of a sudden thunderstorm, turned the yard into a bit of a muddy mess. Fortunately, there was good moods all around and lots of smiles in the process. The little mister sure loved the skid steer. And, Nana got to build a fire! What's not to love?

Some other big changes in the family are that my hubby's cousin got married and his brother got a puppy!

The hubby and I are so grateful for our marriage and wish his cousin and her new husband the best. It's hard, it can be frustrating, but it's so rewarding. There is something indescribably terrifying and comforting in having someone so close to you. I adore my hubby, and I think that is because I get to see him at his best AND his worst. I get to see his character shine through in the hard moments, see him humble himself when he screws up, show him grace in those moments (and receive it when I need it), and see him succeed in so many things. I get to see him be tender, thoughtful, loving, kind. I get to be the one to benefit from the man he is. I get the privilege of raising his babies. I get to see that I'm not the only one to have a bad day now and then. I get to learn from him. He's taught me that being happy is a much better default than being crabby (my usual tendency). We get to be a team. I don't want to spend my life with anyone else.

We hope all these things for his cousin and new husband.

And, we have a new puppy in the family! My hubby's brother and wife got a new little man. He is just precious.

I put this under the title of "lifelong" because once you have a pet, they stick with you forever. No, they don't usually live as long as we do, but we always have the stories, the memories and the companionship.

They become part of our story. And, we love it.

We're gonna be on the road for a lot of next week. I'm gonna do my best to have week 26 up on time. Can't believe this project will be half-way done!


This is part of my Project 52. To see more, head over to The Styleberry Blog.

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