Friday, June 1, 2012

Project 52:22 Change is...

Last weekend we said good-bye to an old friend.

My brother affectionately referred to our old basketball hoop as: a hazard. Poor thing. She's given us so many great memories. Thankfully, the guys are planning on replacing her.

My mom noted her demise on Facebook and received SO MANY comments so quickly! My favorites were the comments between the family members who used this hoop as a kid. It's been on the garage since my dad and his siblings were kids. Many great games were played on that hoop. Trick shots of all kinds. Even games late into the night with the spot light attached to Gma and Gpa's porch upstairs. You knew it was time to end the game when Gpa came out and just turned the light off. Game over. :)

Anyway, my uncle and aunt had my favorite convo:

Aunt: I am so sad! I remember all of my brothers playing basketball.
Uncle: You shoulda been out there with us... You had a good shot!
Aunt: Actually I remember all my brothers cute friends !!!!!!
Uncle: Oh boy!

And, that's the truth! I remember all my brother's cute friends, too  ;)


I guess I figured my little cutie would get to play on it, too. I'm VERY glad they're going to replace it! Some good things shouldn't come to an end.

And, just for kicks, here's a newer pict of my and my kiddos. We can't wait to see daddy!


This is my Project 52. To see more, head over to The Styleberry Blog.

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  1. Kelley! your hair is so short! cute!

    Love lizz's face in that first pic--hilarious.


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