Saturday, April 28, 2012

Project 52:17 Change is...

Honestly, lately the Little Mister's independence and attachment to my Hubby has made me a little sad. But yesterday we went to Monkey Joe's without Daddy. That meant that me and the Little Mister were on our own with all the bouncy houses. It was perfect. He happens to be at the perfect age where he wants to go in the bouncy houses but doesn't want to go in them alone. So, he and I got to have a BLAST climbing and bouncing and sliding. And, thankfully, Auntie Kris took my camera and snapped a few photos. (Thanks, Kris!)  We were sure sore and tired after several hours there, but it was wonderful!

Another big change that happened this week is that we brought Samson down from Green Bay to a place here so that when it's finally time to head west, we already have him here. He has had to adjust to being somewhere new. This is the first time he's somewhere other than Mary's since he was one month old! And, he's almost 5! We had to meet the new horses and get to know new policies. We also had to figure out which horses to put him in a pasture with and which ones he should stay away from.

It has all turned out ok.

We can't express our gratitude enough to Mary and curt for how they blessed us and Sam while he was with them, but we are so grateful for where God's taking us and how He's provideing for each step as we need to take them.

I hope you find yourself blessed today.

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