Friday, April 13, 2012

Project 52:15

In 2 short months, she's changed so much. She's up about 4 pounds, quite a few inches, and her little personality is coming out. Her cries are changing. She talks like crazy. She's awake so much more often. She reacts to us, smiles at us, and melts our hearts daily.

But, being with her everyday makes it so that I don't notice the differences. I don't realize how great the changes are already. I don't want to forget the beginning, but I'm loving the right now.  :)

So, I'm off to be by here.

More later,

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  1. Thats's great you have this blog to help you remember and relive all your children's days, from babyhood to toddlerhood, to preschhoolhood, and beyond! It is a very precious time in a family, because you are together so much of your every waking moment. I'm glad you're enjoying the journey!!
    With love and prayers, Hope


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