Friday, March 2, 2012

Project 52-9

Since the recovery from a c-section is harder, my family has been making sure to take good care of me. My hubby was home the first week after the little miss showed up, then my mom stayed with me for a few days while Hubby went to work, and then he took this week off again.

As I've been feeling better, we've been venturing out. Thursday morning we went to the Y for Rainbow Rompers (its basically a glorified open gym - lots of fun things for the kids to play on including a bouncy house!) with some of our best friends. The little mister had the BEST time playing with his BFF's and his daddy. We even kept playing after RR was over. The other gym was open and the boys got to play basketball for a while.

So, it was a change to have the Hubby around all week. He heads back to work next week. Having him home all day was temporary... and wonderful.


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