Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project 52-12 and 52-13 (oops!)

Last week we expected to be moving to my in-laws. Last week I expected to have part 2 from Week 11 posted. Last week I DID NOT expect to spend 5 days in the hospital with my 5 week old. Last week I did not expect to take the above photo of our precious girl looking up at her daddy. Last week our plans changed. 

But, last week we saw more of God's grace and protection over us. We saw Him giving us more time to pack up, to say goodbye. We saw Him working out little details we didn't know needed to be worked out.

Last week our plans changed. But, last week we learned again that His plan is not always our own, but it is good. 

And, the Little Miss is doing GREAT now! So, all is well.  :)


And, here is Part 2 as promised.  I'm not going to write anything sentimental because I don't have time to be emotional today. Sorry, friends. The pictures from our crazy Core 4 will just have to do.


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