Thursday, December 1, 2011

tree skirt

So, I'm totally addicted to Pinterest. Who isn't?! I've made a few things from there but this is my FAVORITE so far. You can find the original tutorial here:  Tree Skirt tutorial.  The only things I did differently are I bought a $5 tree skirt from Fleet Farm to use as the base and instead of hot gluing (I ALWAYS burn myself), I used my grandma's old sewing machine to sew it. Saved a ton of time and money (glue sticks are expensive!).

Here's my finished product!

Hope you like it! Now my tree is officially done!


  1. kelley, i love it! i'm seriously thinking about making one for myself!

  2. That's WAY beyond my sewing (or even gluing!) abilities, but it's flat-out gorgeous. :^)

  3. I have that tutorial pinned as well!! I can't wait to start!! Yours turned out great!! I was thinking I would sew mine as well - that way I know it will stay together years down the road!


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