Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Burlap Wreath Tutorial

So, mom and I had a craft day last time I was down by them. We decided to make burlap wreaths for our doors. We hopped online and found a BUNCH of different tutorials and adapted them to what we wanted to do... so, here's our version!

We started with styrofoam rings from Hobby Lobby (found in the little kid craft section... much cheaper than buying the wreath forms by the actual wreaths). Ours are about 11 1/2 inches in diameter from the outer edges. We ended up needing about 1 1/2 yards per wreath so make sure if you buy a bigger form, you get more burlap!

I'm going to be showing you how my mom made her's simply because with all the picture taking and indecisiveness on my part, I didn't finish... yet. And, she's a rock star and got her's done.

We started by cutting a long, thin (about 3 1/2 inches) strip of the burlap to wrap around the form so that if any of it showed after the wreath was done, it wouldn't be glaringly white.

Be sure to put it on an angle so you can wrap it around. Give it a dab of hot glue once you get all the way around to secure the end of the burlap.

 It should look something like this!

 My mom then cut squares out of her burlap that were about 4 in x 4 in... maybe a little bigger. Try a few sizes to see what you like before you cut them all.

 She then folded the squares in half and in half again. What we forgot to take a picture of is at this point she cut around the edges to round them.

 Then, she scrunched the folded square until she liked how it looked.

 Once she liked the look, she cut off the bottom so that she'd have a flat spot to glue to the form.

With a lot of hot glue sticks, several cups of tea, a good movie, and some trial and error, we got it all glued together!  She added a few flowers from the color burlap that I was using to give it a little something extra. You can find a tutorial for flowers like that here:

Sadie liked it too!

I'll be posting mine once I get it done... it's a little different from my mom's. It's more like loops instead of the ends sticking out. You'll see!



I finally got mine finished! Here are some quick picts to show you how I did mine and how it turned out. What do you think?

I added hot glue to the x and glued it to form "bubbles".

The "T" and the flowers are removable so I can use it for other seasons/holidays!