Monday, September 26, 2011

the beginning of fall!

i love fall. it's my favorite.

i may have mentioned that before...

well, we had a crazy week last week and i thought i'd let you in on it.

last weekend started with a trip to a place that is a surprising little piece of nature smack dab in the middle of green bay. it's right off of (kinda under) a major interstate but it's tucked away so well, you don't know it's there unless you know it's there... you know?  ;)

anyway, we had a great time hiking:

then, this week i had a busy week of crafts, including three purses i made for a friend:

we also found out that the little one who will be joining our family next february is a:

we made sure to display that on our chalkboard all week  :)

and, finally, on friday, we went home to tell our families the good news. by the time we got there it was so dark that i wasn't able to get good pictures, BUT here's how we did it. we hung black balloons all around a tree and let family members take turns throwing darts to try to pop them.

in one balloon we had put either pink or blue confetti. our nieces went and their balloons were empty. then my grandparents went and their balloons were empty. then my dad suggested that the mom's go together. so my mom and my hubby's mom went at the same time. their darts both popped the same balloon and out flew all the pink confetti! it was hard to see in the dark but my mom ran forward really fast and started yelling, "it's pink! it's a girl!"  it was absolutely precious. i wish i had it on video. it was so special to share the news with everyone that way. we spent the rest of the evening around a bonfire with hot cider and cocoa and yummy pumpkin treats. the temperature was perfectly crisp for a fall evening, but not too cold. i couldn't have asked for a better night with our families.

then, it was back home to sing on the worship team this weekend and watch the Packers DOMINATE the bears.  HA!!! such a great end to a great week!

hope you had a great one, too!

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