Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well, it's Saturday. It's a day to rest, relax, and enjoy time with each other.

HOWEVER, today I got up WAY too early (thanks to the extra-early-rising cowpoke), deep cleaned my bathroom, went grocery shopping (which I normally try to avoid like the plague on weekends), did about 87 loads of laundry, generally tidied all over and am now sitting on my bed typing this while my hubby and two of his (very helpful) friends are outside turning 3 of our trees into woodchips. Our front yard looks like maze built of branches and leaves. The sound of chainsaws has been the background music of my day (with the occasional resounding BOOM of a branch hitting the ground). I'm sure the little cowpoke would be having a blast out there if he wasn't tucked away in his crib (hopefully) dreaming sweet sweet dreams.

There is still so much I could do around the house but I'm tired and taking a break.

One thing I will do is inform you that from now on the little cowpoke will be refered to as "the little mister". I'm not sure what made me refrain from calling him that in the first place. That's been the nickname his Nonni gave him from the time we found out that he was in fact a little mister, as opposed to a little miss. I guess I thought it had to be cowboy related. But, everytime I typed little cowpoke it felt off. The little mister makes so much more sense.

Anyway, just thought you should know.
Thanks for listening,


WAIT! I went out to take pictures...   :)  Go figure.
(fyi - this is only part of half of one of the trees)

scraps on the driveway

some of the branches (which were quickly picked up by helpful/nose-y neighbors)

men at work

the two who melt my heart

'oh wow'

waiting for the day when he can help daddy
that is all.

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