Friday, July 29, 2011

my husband is my hero


Not even kidding.

We have seemed to have tiny disaster after tiny disaster around the house and he has been a ROCKSTAR fixing things, taking care of stuff, and still going to work longs hours at his exhausting job with a great attitude. He's so awesome.

The landlord wants us to cut down some trees. He spent an entire day outside and only got part of one done. These trees are HUGE. For more on that topic see this previous post.

Then, one night (shortly after he installed a new mailbox) we woke up to find that some kid had taken a piece of wood from a nearby pile and smashed it! I mean, completely destroyed the thing. Hubby was so quick to go get us a new one and put it up.

Our shower leaks into the basement and he is currently stripping away the caulk to replace it. I had a theory about the leak and was totally wrong. He correctly diagnosed the problem and knew exactly how to fix it from the moment he looked in the basement.

Then, last night, the worst happened.

*What you need to know first:  every night when I put the little mister down to sleep, I pray for his safety and the safety of this house. I command a legion of angels to come down and surround the house and I tell the demons to leave and not return in the name of Jesus. I have never been more convinced that God is answering my prayers.

To be honest, when the mailbox got smashed, I was scared and a little bitter. I felt like God didn't protect our property. It mad me feel nervous because the mailbox is right outside the little mister's window and that is just too close. I slept through it and that is SCARY!  But, after I thought about it for a while, I realized that God was so gracious to us that night. He totally protected us! Those kids/that kid that smashed the mailbox could've easily decided to break a window (the little mister's window), smashed the truck, broken in, etc. But, they didn't! They hit the mailbox and left! So, God did honor my prayers after all!

On to last night... I had text Hubby to tell him that we blew a fuze in the LM's room and asked him to check it out when he got home. He came in around 2:30am to wake me up telling me that we needed to move the LM into the living room to sleep. Hubby told me that it's pretty much a miracle that our house didn't burn to the ground. Then he showed me that one of the LM's outlets was burnt from the inside out and was melting. It was horrifying!

Check these out:

Hubby said that a piece of plaster fell onto where the wires meet the outlet cover and the plaster started to melt. Once it got hot enough, it started to burn. It's just a miracle that Hubby found this. That outlet wasn't even affected by the blown fuze. He didn't even have to check it! But, he did. And, we're all fine.

And, he replaced it all today. We're back up and running, nice and safe.

Praise Jesus.

So, thankful for my sweet Hubby and for answered prayer.

Gotta keep this little one safe:



  1. Well, I'm sure you can imagine my heart palpitations! I know you are all in God's hands and am thankful for that and to Him for His protection of you and your boys. Give that wonderful man of yours a hug for me please. Love you

  2. kelley!!
    praising God you are all safe! i do the same thing every day. God is so gracious and good. love you guys!
    love kris


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