Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had ourselves a wonderful crazy weekend! I sang at church (which takes up about 3 hours on Saturday and another 4 on Sunday) so that was a big chunk of the weekend but we kept pretty busy in addition to that.

Friday night John pulled an extra shift at work. It's great since we need the money but sad because we miss him. Now ANYTIME a diesel engine is driving down the street (even if the truck is still in the driveway), the cowpoke hollers out, "dada, dada!" and runs to the front window to see if its him. (oh yeah, and he started saying his name last night when we went swimming)   :)

Saturday we didn't do too much. I went to church, we went to the park. It was low key and awesome. 

We took a trip to the wildlife sanctuary with some of our dear friends, the Leatherberry's on Sunday.

This parent was VERY protective.
There were baby geese everywhere!

This melts me. Every time.

Little J and the cowpoke watching some bobcats.

He liked looking at the animals.
He got his first skinned knee while we were there.

Daddy to the rescue!

A kiss from Daddy and the knee was all better!

It was a good day  :)

Monday I went to get trained at what will be my part time job this summer. The cowpoke needed a nap, so we put him down and when he got up we headed out to see the horses.

This is what happens when a cowboy sees his baby boy:

This is what happens when a cowboy chews bubble gum:

This is better:

The cowpoke is OBSESSED with tractors.
 Seriously, he picks J over me all the time, but if there's a tractor around we get bumped to spots #2 and #3 in his little heart.

The cowpoke and the lady that makes all this possible in our lives.  :)

After spending the afternoon out there, we went to dinner at the home of one of my Core 4 girlies. It was a great night of relaxing and enjoying the comforts of their friendships. And, our hubbies were there! We were missing one couple and are hoping their weekend went ok.

John and I really enjoyed the weekend together, too. We don't get all that much time together so I'm really glad we didn't travel this weekend. It was refreshing. We laughed and hung out like friends! It was wonderful. I've really missed him lately and this was just so nice.  :)


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