Friday, June 24, 2011


Ok, so we were out at the horses today and I was able to capture so many funny pictures of the little cowpoke, our dog and my hubby. I narrowed it down to 10 photos and now I'm hoping you'll all play a game with me. Leave a comment on the bottom of this post with the number of each photo and what you think the caption for the photo should be (or as many as you come up with - you don't have to do one for every photo).

I put a few of my own on to get you started.

Make me laugh!

"ok, dad you cover the back, mom take the side entrance, cooper - you're with me. everybody - on my go. ready? 1, 2, 3!!!"

"you want me to rope a WHAT?!"

"mom said something about pizza. wonder if they'll drop any. yum yum!"

"man, we gotta get a cow!"

"no mom! not another picture!"

I'll post my favorites later!



  1. #3 - "dang, dad makes this look so easy"
    #4 - " new diaper and make it quick!"
    Kelley, these are too too precious.

  2. So cute!!!
    #1 - "Seriously, do not drop me. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt."
    #2 - " I wouldn't have done it this way... wait, are we here to fix the driveway? or what?"
    #3 - " I could get a lot more done if I just had a smaller rope... pretty sure!"
    #4 - "Oh no you di-in't!"
    #5 - "Hey Jake, if you need me to help you eat anything, just let me know. Seriously, anything. Anytime. Seriously." - Cooper
    #6 - "Finally dad's doing some work,.. I mean I cant keep doing everything around here."
    #7 - "My mom and dad are so funny,... they keep me laughing all day long."
    #8 - "Um, mom, do you have any hand sanitizer? I mean, I gotta eat with these hands..."
    #9 - "Um, diaper change please,... I think I need clean pants..."
    #10 - "Whoa, cowpokin' is hard work."
    Love you all! xoxo Jules

  3. #8...on three draw!
    #1...have you heard the one about the horse? Neeeeigh?!?!? do you do this again?

  4. #3- okay... this looked way easier on Toy Story...
    #9- Check out my Wranglers. Real. Comfortable. Jeans.

    Very adorable, Kelley! Miss you guys!
    Julia Shields

  5. I don't think I can compete with everybody else's captions!! CUTE pics, Kelley!!! :)


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