Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the park

the little cowpoke's new obsession is the park... well, anything outside really. he cries when we come inside, he stands at the front door or the patio door and cries, he cries often... to get outside.

since J isn't around most nights, the cowpoke and i have taken many trips to the park alone. we're getting to know quite a few of our neighbors! he absolutely LOVES it. on mother's day, the 3 of us got to go together. it was wonderful. there is not much that i enjoy more than watching my sweet husband play with our amazing son. it makes my heart so content.

we started out on the little slide

and made our way to the swirly slide

 then we moved on to bigger slides that he could do by himself. i'd catch him at the bottom of the tube slide (the black and white pict at the top of the post) and send him to the stairs which he'd climb by himself.

 then, every time, EVERY TIME he got to the top of the stairs, he'd stick his face through the railings and yell. don't ask me why. i don't have answers. i just laughed. a lot. goof ball.

then he'd walk across the bridge to the slide with daddy's help.



 and eventually they started going down the swirly slide together. it was a beautiful day to spend with my guys. i LOVE them and am so blessed!

in other family news:  the marathon is on sunday. i'm kinda freaking out because i hurt my knee and haven't gotten to run this week. i'm so close. just a few more days! it's still pretty tight but it feels much better (God bless the chiropractor). 

it's supposed to rain, too. hopefully that won't give my 'fans' a bad attitude because i'm going to need them to be positive. this is going to be a great time for me and God since He is the only one that can pull me through this. i will lift my eyes to the Maker of the mountains i can't climb. that was my song for labor with the cowpoke, it will be my song for this. i just keep picturing myself wearing the metal to the celebration service at church on sunday night. how glorious that will be.

i know running marathons doesn't sound like much fun to most people, but for me it's more than the run. i have settled for second best my whole life because i'm so afraid of failing and disappointing people. i've done it forever. salutatorian of my class instead of valedictorian, cum laude in college instead of summa cum laude, second string on varsity volleyball until senior year, ONE varsity cross country run short of getting my letter freshman year (stupid knee problems). not officially starting a photography business even though i don't think i'm that bad. i even started training for the half marathon 2 years ago because i didn't want to start training for the full and fail. 

so, it's not about the run. this is for me. this is to prove that i can do it. this is to fight my demons. 
so, whether you understand marathons or not, please show some support on race day. you never know what demons each of those runners are fighting. here is our chance to show them that with God, all things are possible.



  1. I love the one of his face smashed in between the rails. cute!

  2. We'll be there rooting for you! You're amazing.

    And you SHOULD officially start a photography business. I am amazed at your creativeness...with photos, with writing, with the items you make and sell...amazing.

  3. We'll be there with bells on no matter what the weather! I have a HUGE CNH umbrella! I'll bring both in fact. These pictures are wonderful. Thanks for doing this. It makes me feel closer to him, being able to see his little face doing life with his mom and dad! Love him so much. Can't wait to see him, you, and mom


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