Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day

Happy Mother's Day!

We are so blessed. We have been given awesome moms of what a mother should be. They are strong; they are kind; they are sweet; they are firm. They know when to push; they know when to be gentle.

My mother is so caring. She is gentle and kind. She took such good care of us. Our clothes were always clean, our bellies were always full, our things were always kept nice. She was such a great mother. She IS such a great mother - just in a very different role for me now. Now she is an inspiration. I get to look back at the mom she was and I get inspired about the mom I want to be. She is able to admit when she's wrong and is willing to teach when she can. I LOVE to watch her play with my son. She plays. I mean, really! Gets down on the floor, makes silly sounds, and plays! I love to watch her love on my son. And, he's kinda in love with her, too.  

My grandmother (mom's mom) is a tender sweet heart. She so clearly treasures every moment she has with her grandkids. She is interested in our lives and wants to help whenever and however she can. I love that every so often I get little handwritten notes from her in the mail. They always brighten my day. She has the cleanest house I've ever seen and always makes yummy yummy food. :) Her and my grandpa were always so great about taking my brother and I on trips with them. They took us mini-golfing all the time and we had lots of sleepovers. Not to mention, she makes the best scrambled eggs ever. They came to every school activity and sporting event that they could. Seriously, it was so wonderful to know that we meant so much to them.

My dad's mom is someone who I miss very much. She's living in Las Vegas but I haven't seen her in almost a year and a half. I'm so grateful that I got to tell her that I was pregnant with the cowpoke in person. I absolutely TREASURE the years we spent living in the same house with them. I will always have a sweet spot for the smell of regular Folders coffee. The smell was a staple in the upper level of our house. I loved to trace her veins in her hands. She's so skinny they stick up. I don't even know how many games of spite & malice, bowls of popcorn and Bulls basketball games we watched. I'll never forget her hollering, "Oh for Arnie" when it was time for him to come in for coffee. I really really wish she could meet the cowpoke. I'm so thankful we lived so close to them for so so long.

My sister-in-law is so inspiring to me. She has overcoming immeasurable hardship over the past few years to become a sweet, generous, caring woman of faith who shocks me with her ability to keep a great attitude and be such a great mom to her two sweet daughters. I remember looking up to her when I was in school and thinking she was just so cool. I never knew that she would be my sister. She has put up with my family ;) for vacations, holidays, fights, parties, etc. I loved my trip with her to Vegas. We had so many adventures on that trip that will not be soon forgotten like our air rock band, the purchase of a pregnancy test, and setting off a house alarm... not to mention our night in a suite at the Bellagio (my favorite!). LOVE HER!

Last, but not least, my amazing mother-in-law. If I'm going to play the sappy card, I would mention that I'm grateful for her, if for no other reason, because she gave me my husband. He is the best thing that ever happened to me and he is who he is because she was such a fantastic mother. She will give her opinion by is never pushy. There are no guilt-trips from her. She is totally generous and treats me as one of her own. She is smitten by the cowpoke and he sure loves her. She has been and is such a blessing to my life. I admire her work ethic and how much she does for her family so selflessly. She is definitely one of my role models.

I love these women and am so blessed to be in their family.


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