Monday, April 25, 2011

iheartfaces - Pets!

This week's theme at iheartfaces is Pets! I love this idea. I really enjoy taking pictures of the animals in our lives. From our silly dog to our sassy horse, I've been able to capture quite a few great moments. For example, Cooper (our chocolate lab) loves to stick his head out the window on the highway. I have several hilarious picts of his jowls flapping in the wind. One day, at my in-laws, he licked little j with his huge slobbery tongue and j's face was absolutely precious! His little mouth and eyes were pressed so tightly together! I couldn't have taken the pict at a more perfect moment. I was also able to get some great photos of a giraffe licking my sister! Hilarious!

However, I had to choose a picture of mama Maggie. She is a sweet horse at the barn where our's is kept who my hubby uses to give kids riding lessons. She's old. She's sassy. And, the day I took this photo, she was huffing and puffing. (and it was a little chilly out)  She is a sweet old girl who is very trustworthy and I think this photo is pretty stunning.

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