Friday, June 4, 2010

more photos

Hi all,

We have some new bathtub photos in the month 5 album and some new month 6 photos up since Jake is 6 months old today! They aren't that great because it's a rainy day up here in GB and that means clouds. Clouds mean that it's dark in my living room where I take the photos. I could really use an upgrade on my lens and flash. Part of me wonders if I should be taking him to one of those in-store studios for the big months... like today. I wish I would've gotten some nice photos of the 3 of us when he was first born and I'm afraid I'll regret not getting some "professional" photos done for his 6 month 'birthday'... I mean, really, who knows how I'll feel about the photos I've taken of him so far in a few years. I'll either think they were perfectly adequate or I'll think they were totally silly and I should have gotten them professionally done. I guess we'll see! Either way, I hope to put up others when the sun is better. We also had a really full day and so I ended up taking them at nap time so he was kinds of out of it! Oops!

Hope you enjoy them anyway!

Here's a sample:

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